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Feb 18, 2022
As the RSN model continues to implode, any ideas on what Sports Pack might look like in the future? Being able to get out-of-market RSNs has always been my favorite part of having DirecTV, but those channels might not exist in a few years.
It could probably just stay without the out-of-market RSNs and just have all the other sports channels it currently includes. Kind of like Xfinity's "Sports Entertainment" package and Spectrum's "Sports Pass".
It will get more fragmented as some teams end up on league run streaming or OTA. This so far is lower TV revenue markets. If a large market team changes from the RSN model that will garner more attention. So far, it's just team RSNs that were not profitable/sustainable. I image the RSN model will be around well into the future, but not as many teams as it was previously, and most offering a direct-to-consumer streaming option in the $15-$30 range. Time will tell.

DIrecTV sports pack wise, it will erode as RSN's disappear, but beyond that don't expect significant change in the next few years anyway.
I believe only the NBC Sports RSNs, MASN, Monumental, and the ex-ATTSN RSNs (Space City, SN Pittsburgh, Root Sports) as well as Altitude and Spectrum Dodgers do not have DTC options as of now.
I believe only the NBC Sports RSNs, MASN, Monumental, and the ex-ATTSN RSNs (Space City, SN Pittsburgh, Root Sports) as well as Altitude and Spectrum Dodgers do not have DTC options as of now.
Comcast tried to sell the NBC Sports RSNs last year, no bidders, the new plan became putting them on Peacock, I assume for a extra fee, but has not happened yet.

Rights Fees really need to come down a lot for sports streaming services to be viable, there is just not enough fans to support them at the $20 a month range for the current contracts.

If more, not enough will subscribe anyways.

They will hope that advertising will make a difference, I doubt it, MLB and NHL is only attracting older people, the above 45 age ranges that advertisers stay away from, NBA on it’s own, is not enough to attract the younger folks.

The only sport that attracts advertisers in all age ranges is Football.
I thought last year they only sold Washington and the new owner rebranded it to Monumental.
No, they tried to sell all of them.

NBC Sports Philadelphia is now in the red, I always thought it was a stupid idea not to let DirecTV have it, if they did, would be about 11 Million more per sub fees it would be receiving today, more in the past.
I think they've already given us a hint when they changed the packages to move most sports out of the bottom package and into sports pack (NBA TV, NHL Net, etc)
The Sports Pack is a lot more than just out of market RSNs, and the lower your base package, the more additional channels you get:
207 ESPNEWS (also in Choice and higher)
208 ESPNU (also in Choice and higher)
211 NFL RedZone
212 NFL Network (also in Choice and higher)
213 MLB Network (also in Choice and higher)
215 NHL Network (also in Xtra and higher)
216 NBA TV (also in Choice and higher)
217 Tennis Channel (also in Choice and higher)
218 Golf Channel (also in Choice and higher)
221 CBS Sports Network (also in Xtra and higher)
464 TUDN (also in Ultimate and higher)
602 FanDuelTV (also in Choice and higher)
605 Sportsman Channel (also in Xtra and higher)
606 Outdoor Channel
608 Stadium College Sports Atlantic (sat only)
608-1 Stadium College Sports Central (sat only)
608-2 Stadium College Sports Pacific (sat only)
610 BTN (also in Choice and higher)
611 SEC Network (also in Choice and higher)
612 ACCN (also in Choice and higher)
618 FS2 (also in Xtra and higher)
623 Next Level Sports
625 Willow HD
626 Willow Xtra
677 Longhorn (Choice and higher in Texas)
719 MLB Strike Zone

I wouldn't expect much of a change if the Bally RSNs fold as you're paying the cheap gameless rate for the out of market RSNs. The sports pack only channels cost a lot more. Like for the providers that offer them as standalone add-ons, Outdoor Channel is around $5/month, Willow is around $10-$15/month, while some providers charge around $52/season for those who want NFL RedZone without subscribing to their equivalent of the sports pack, which translates to about $13/month for the 4 months of the regular season or ~$4.33/month spread out across 12 months.
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Kind of doesn’t have to do with Sports Pack, but for whatever reason I am seeing Root Northwest and it’s alt channel on my app. Root main channel gives me a blackout message while the plus one I can tune in and see the Blazers pregame.