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I was recently on a conference call with Google recently and the main discussion was on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which I was under the belief was for the EU only. However on this call I have learned that Google and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) are going to soon penalize websites that do not follow GDPR guidelines even though the site may not be aimed for the EU.

These penalties include, no personalized ads served, or ad serving can be disabled all together by AdX as well as GDPR fines

Personalized ads pay more then non targeted ads. (in fact they pay a lot more) and we can not afford to have our ads shut off, so we must make Google and the IAB happy by adhering to GDPR guielines. This means ALL users will see a box on their screens asking them to accept the use of their personal information stored on Cookies set by our server and the servers of our ad agencies. Once you accept the box you will not see it again for another 90 days on that device. You will see it on each device you use to access SatelliteGuys

Now this sounds scarier then it is.

By clicking I Agree on the box you are agreeing to the following 5 things..

1) Information Storage and Access - This allows the storage and retrieval of information on your device via cookies.
2) Personalisation - The allows them to show custom ads based on your browsing and search history based on cookies stored on your device.
3) Ad selection, delivery, reporting - Being able to report the ads you have seen to the ad agencies
4) Content selection, delivery, reporting - Again being able to report things you have seen to ad agencies.
5) Measurement - That is using your data to measure and report things to site like Google Analytics.

I hope I explained those all correctly. Hard to read my own handwriting sometimes. :D

Besides adding this GDPR compliance box to SatelliteGuys, nothing has changed, we still work hard to protect your privacy. Other then what is stored in cookies (and the cookies we serve are only the ones needed to make the forum software work correctly) we do not sell your information, such as your name and email address.

My only reason for posting this is because this GDPR sounds a lot more scarier then it is While we are not in the EU nor is our main traffic from the EU we are doing this to appease the ad agencies as unfortunately we need them to survive. I am sure with these rules from the EU they are just protecting their butts as well.

You will see this box today and again will only see it once every 90 days per device you use.

Thanks for being here. :)
Per device! Egad; I view SG on at least 4 PCs and several mobile devices. :(
Does it have to remain as a tab once you accept?

We were given a few different services offering this service and this was the least intrusive.

With that said, I am trying to figure out if I can cause it not to show to Pub Members, since they see no ads anyways.
Just another reason to not come here anymore,or not want to.And judging by the amount of traffic lately,a whole lot of people aren't coming anymore.
Just my worthless opinion and yeah I'm liquored up at the moment so I don't really care :devilish,but I can still tpye,sorta.
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I am not seeing anything on my SatelliteGuys app on my IPhone 8+. What should I be seeing.

Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
Ok I've accepted the privacy agreement, now how do you turn of the floating hearts?
Wow the hearts are annoying... and its not every valentines day yet,
I wish there was a way to cut waaaay down on the number of hearts and the opacity.(There is not I already looked).
Then it would not be so intrusive! Like snow flakes on Christmas would be nice then....but oh well.

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