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Jun 8, 2006
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DirecTV Keeps Eye on DVRs, HDTV
DirecTV continues to make progress with key products and services while at the same time focusing on quality customers.

That's the message the satellite TV company delivered to those in attendance at a Kaufman Bros. investment conference last week. The key products include DVRs and HDTV, which has helped the company keep video APRU (average revenue per unit - or subscriber) ahead of the competition.

According to the DirecTV presentation (as reported by Kaufman Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell), DVR penetration for the satellite TV company reached 17 percent in the second quarter, up from 8 percent in second quarter 2005.

HD penetration at DirecTV stood at 6 percent at the end of the quarter.

DirecTV also said it's moving forward with its HD plans. By the end of the second quarter, DirecTV had launched local HD channels in 36 markets, reaching a total of 58 percent of all TV households. During the second half of the year DirecTV plans to launch 25 more local HD markets, reaching more than 70 percent of all TV households.

After the launch of two more satellites, DirecTV will have the capacity to air 1,500 local HD channels and 150 national HD channels.

And DirecTV said it continues to improve the quality of its subscriber base. Higher risk subs fell to 15 percent of gross adds in second quarter from 39 percent in first quarter 2005, stated the presentation.


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So are total sub numbers still around 15M, then 6% HD would be 900k. I also wonder if they count subs like me twice; with 2 HD boxes or once under the same account.
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