WANTED Genpix Skywalker-1

Tom Speer

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Jul 26, 2016
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I know this is a long shot, looking for an item that has not been manufactured in over a decade. I use Genpix Skywlaker-1 receivers to gather data from the DirecTV satellites, which is posted here in the DeirecTV technical information forum, and to feed RedH.com with data about DirecTV STB software on the satellites. I am in need of a spare SW-1 as a bcakup, and for software development. If anyone has any of these old receivers available for a reasonable price, please respond to me.
Thanks to Frito, I think I have have found the Genpix SW-1 I needed. It has to get here from Canada, and is probably sitting in a Customs Warehouse right now, then I have to test it. If anyone else has one, I can always use another spare at the right price.
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