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Jan 27, 2010
I called customer service the other day because I am starting to have problems with my TV1 remote...its just worn out, and a couple of the buttons you have to push real hard to get them to work...we went through the troubleshooting...[its not the batteries:)] and she told me I am out of warranty and would have to pay the 19 + S/H for a new remote, I asked her if upgrading to the 722k, [I have a 722], would be cheaper. She checked and told me I am eligible for an upgrade for $1 if I extend for 2 years...ok, no problem...she said they need to change my dish so a tech has to come out, but they can't promise what DVR I would get. I guess its not a huge deal other than if I am upgrading I want the newest receiver.

A couple of years ago I had problems with my 622 rebooting all the time, they ended up sending me 4 receivers in 5 months, and a CSR that treated me like I was scamming them "you will not be getting any more DVR's from us today sir". Anyway an email to or whatever it was got my problem solved, and a free upgrade to my current 722, which has worked flawlessly for almost 2 years. I understand that DISH has no idea what my local installer has in stock, which would explain the caveat "I can't promise what DVR you get" but is there a way to make sure my new DVR is the 722K and nothing else?:confused:

Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
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I would just buy a NEW remote on e bay, since yur current 722 is very reliable.

All you would gain is recording a extra OTA feed.

E is happy to give out new equiptement since it ties you into a contract.

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