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Dec 16, 2003
I just had a SuperDish installed for locals. Am waiting, like many, on arrival of a 811 :rolleyes:. Right now the SuperDish is pointed at 105 but the installer says my locals are moving to 121 and he will be back out in a month or so with a new LNB and repoint the dish.

I qualify for distant locals and currently get standard def CBS from New York and LA. I "THINK" this should qualify me automatically for CBS-HD feeds. But I just learned CBS-HD is either on 61.5 or 148 sats. Thankfully I still have my old "Legacy" Dish 500 and it appears it has to go back up.

The new Dish Pro SuperDish feeds into a DP34 Switch and feeds two boxes, a 4900 [with DishPro Adapter] and a 510. The 4900 hundred will be retired when the 811 arrives.

My questions:
1. I must reinstall the old Dish and point it a 61.5 or 148 or does CBS-HD show up on other transponders 105 or 121?

2. Looks like I will need a new, Dish Pro Compat., LNB for my old Dish. True?

2. With a 4 feeds, I need a new switch??? I know the DP34 only has 3 inputs but can have another DP34 added to it. Is this just for additional box outputs or will it provide a fourth input?



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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
Dish currently cannot support 4 satellite locations. Until the DISH PRO PLUS 44 switch comes out some time in the second quarter of this year you will have to decide which three satellites you want on the receivers you keep active.

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