Getting new gig fiber and want to hardwire a wifi Joey


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Jun 19, 2011
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Hopper connects to the Dish AP which then provides wireless signal to the Joeys, currently. One Joey in particular I want to hardwire with ethernet and there is a drop and after we get the new service installed - I want to get that drop working and then use it for the Joey. I don't know how to get the programming from the Hopper to the Joey via wire. I am assuming that I need to hardware either the Hopper OR the AP for Dish to get the signal to the particular Joey - correct? I am trying to fix a drop out of the Joey several times a day to one Joey above the wireless Dish AP and hoping that hardwiring of the Joey will fix the issue.

Other than the Dish AP - the network is fairly simple with no added subnets. I am an IT guy but networking/wireless is the bane if my existence but I can build PCs all day long.
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I have used a J3 on my Ethernet without MoCA and it worked just fine. I think you can just connect both the Hopper and WJ via Ethernet and it should work fine too. But I don't know that for certain.
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You may need to turn bridging off since the Hopper is sending TCPIP via the MOCA network. But then your other joeys won't see the internet.

If you look at your network now, while you may only have your Hopper plugged into the internet you will notice each joey hooked up has an IP address even though there is no ethernet cable hooked up to them :D
First disconnect the Dish AP entirely, then run either a direct ethernet connection between the Hopper and Joey or separate ethernet connections from each of the Hopper(s)/Joey(s) to the ISP provided Router/Modem/Switch. Bridging can remain enabled in either case, it should only be disabled to prevent network loops (examples being both MoCA and ethernet on a wired Joey or a wireless Joey with ethernet and the AP still connected, something you wont run into as you will disconnect the AP first).

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