Giving DirecTV now and sling TV another (free) trial chance.

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  1. Decided I would check back in with the other two nationally available OTT providers.

    I have had both in the past as most know, and settled on the third (Vue).

    Got a week to test them out and see how they have improved and which might be an alternative for me

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  2. How often do those services offer a free trial? I think with Vue, it's impossible to get more than one unless you create a new PSN account. Did I just answer my own question? lol
  3. I am not sure.

    With sling my old account was basically deleted it seemed, as u had to set it up from scratch again.

    With it and DirecTV now, you can have as many free trials as you have email addresses.

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  4. If you have FireTv could you use the XRay app and give a bitrate, resolution and FPS report on NOW.

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  5. Spoke to dtv now rep and he said the dvr function is coming very soon and that they were testing it so we'll see.

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  6. I would consider DNow but with just two streams and the lack of using apps to watch across the board, it isn't enough.
  7. That is what I love about Vue, 5 streams and they authorize every TV Everywhere app.

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  8. Sling and DirecTV now have improved.

    I could live either either at this point.

    Vue has improved too however. The guide on the fire TV now includes live video in addition to audio as you surf

    Good that the choices continue to make themselves better. .

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  9. The built in Vue app on Sony TV's has also matured showing live video/sound as you surf the guide. Guides are identical (FIRETV and Sony TV) from what I can tell but the Sony remote has a one button push jump (previous channel) and guide button along with volume control the Firetv remote doesn't have. The Sony app seems slower however vs FireTV.
  10. So, I cancelled my sling trial today (it was up this evening) and while there are parts of it I like, such as integrating ESPN3 and SEC Network+ into the guide, it still bugs me overall. The lack of a real guide is annoying when the others offer one. I could live with it, but since there are other options, I see no reason to.

    I have D Now through the end of the week, and it has greatly improved since launch it seems. It is the fastest to get around in, and it has a good channel selection.

    Still sticking with Vue for the time being. I have a promo on it, and overall its just given me the best experience.

    I will be seriously looking at Hulu this coming month.
  11. How do RSN's work with DirecTV Now? I'm running a free trial now, and our RSN is Fox Sports Kansas City, but it's showing Fox Sports Midwest and the St. Louis Cardinals games are in the guide. This is fine with me; I'm a Cardinals fan, but I would assume there are many people in this area that would feel duped that it says our RSN is carried when it really isn't. Bizarre.