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  1. Well, the trial for this upcoming service ends, at least for me, the middle of next week. The service improved much from when it started and seemed to really take customer feedback intro consideration.

    The DVR improved quite a bit and it now pretty easy to use.

    Live channels were a royal pain at the beginning but again, the way they have them now placed and to find, much improved.

    Works great with the regular Hulu and the understanding is the two can/will be combined as one service.

    There are still some hiccups but I think this service will be a real game changer (most because to will be packaged with original Hulu) for many people who have cut the cord.

    The questions remain is: final live channels (say there will be more), how many streams allowed, what local channels will be available and will they have an on demand for the networks as PS Vue?

    Those questions and how they are answered will determine of I leave Vue for Hulu when their service goers live.
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  2. What is the pause time on live channels?
    Vue has around 5 minutes if I recall.

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  3. Reports are this goes live in May. So hopefully we will be able to try it out in final form soon.
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  4. I don't know. I never did pause live TV. I'll do that this weekend and get back with you.
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  5. Will Hulu include RSNs?
  6. It has been reported they will have the Fox owned ones ( Fox owns 30% of Hulu ) like Fox Sports RSNs and Big Ten, etc at least.

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  7. I tested this over the weekend and it paused for at least 17 minutes. I gave up after that to watch a ballgame.
  8. That's pretty impressive.

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