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May 21, 2009
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OK, I subscribed to my locals just for the guide data:mad:. I have a good OTA signal. My problem is if I'm watching a (non-local) sat channel, and type in one of the locals (56 for example), I get taken to 56-0, the SD satellite channel instead of 56-1 the OTA HD. The favorites guide I'm using doesn't have the SD sat channel listed, just the OTAs. So, short of either a) going to the guide and selecting the channel or b) hitting 56, waiting for the channel to change, and CH+, how can I go straight to the OTAs by using the channel number?

BTW, my locals in HD would require a wing dish.:p


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Sep 20, 2005
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Menu...6...9...Chan Display...Local Sat Channels...HD Priority will get you to the Local HD sat channel (x.00). Channel Up should take you to the OTA (x.01). I don't know of a way to directly get to OTA, but there may be one. Not too much help here I realized.
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You can also go in and lock out and hide the 56-0 channel and it will skip the 56-0 and go directly to 56-1 when you input 56.

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