Going To Sell UTV System / Need Advice

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Mar 1, 2004
Hello Everyone!

I'm going to be selling my UTV System that I've enjoyed for quite some time but I have some questions first and was hoping someone could contribute.

My UTV System was upgraded from Software v3.5 (HU Card) to v3.7 (P4 Card). Now, the original system I bought myself at Circuit City way back when. I own the box and the original HU. Now, if I eBay the unit will I be able to include the card or does my local distro "Pegasus Sat" want those back.

I would call and put in my cancellation to find out but I don't exactly know when that day is just yet. Anyone have any experience here.

ps... This is a totally legit unit. I don't hack and don't condone those that do!
The card would be useless to anyone but a hacker anyway. D* will not let you reactivate a used card. The purchaser will have to contact D* and purchase a new card. I recommend you don't put the card in the sell that way you have a higher chance of selling to a legit buyer vs a hacker....Just my .02 cents
That's a great point I never thought of. I thought D* would only activate new cards though. I didn't know they wouldn't activate previously used P4 Cards.

Good news though!!!
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