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Feb 5, 2004
DirecTV talked about having high quality Customer Service, well they have a long way to go.

I have been trying to get through to them for a week about the TV guide channel. Several channels are missing and others are listed by the wrong channel number such as RFD-TV, NASA and others. Nick Toons isn't listed at all.

I have also e-mailed TV Guide about this and both have told me to contact the individual programmer regarding the issue. So I'm suppose to contact NASA because their channel is listed with the wrong channel number on TV Guide channel. Ok, but I'm forwarding that e-mail to them so I'm not the one looking stupid.

Here's what I received yesterday from DirecTV customer service with regards to my complaint. There have been at least 3 reps involved in my conversation so far and NONE of them get what I'm saying. I have made it very very clear that I'm talking about TV Guide channel 224 on DirecTV having errors.

Oh well, I guess if things get bad I can always get a job there. Qualifications obviously aren't that tough.

An aggravated DirecTV subscriber.


Dear Dwayne,

Thank you for writing. We are sorry for any confusion our last response
may have caused. We were unaware that you were referring to channel 224
and not the TV Guide magazine. Channel 224 is the "TV Guide Channel."
The "TV Guide Channel" is TV about TV. It's the destination for viewers
who want to know what's on, what's new, what's next, and what's best in

We are sorry if the information that you are seeing on channel 224 is
incorrect. We take customer feedback very seriously. Our goal is to
provide a wide variety of programming, on a wide variety of channels.
However, we only carry the programming provided to us by the networks,
and we can't predict or control what a particular channel chooses to
air. While we continually work with our programming partners to improve
your television entertainment experience, it helps us all for you to
also forward your feedback to the network itself. If the information on
channel 224 is incorrect, we would advise you to send your feedback to
the "TV Guide Channel" directly. You can reach the "TV Guide Channel"

TV Guide Channel
7140 S. Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74136

(800) 725-1233

At least you don't have to deal with d* evil spawn. Pegasus who is the evil witch of the rural USA!!!
The TV guide is based on service off of the 101 Sat. From what I can tell. The majority of D* customer only have single LNB dishes.
I think their Customer Service is Awesome.

I Emailed Directv to ask about HDTV letting them know I was thinking of switching to VOOM.
They sent an Email and called the very next day. :D
They have gone out of their way to make deals.
I left DISH seveal years ago for a HDTV deal they could have cared less.
pcpopcorn said:
They have gone out of their way to make deals.
I left DISH seveal years ago for a HDTV deal they could have cared less.

I agree, I called to add a DVR installed, and jokingly what else went with it. She gave me 3 months of Showtime, so that was a $36 credit on my next months bill. Then the installer came in the afternoon instead of the appointment time in the AM. Called and, and got $20 a month credit for 6 months.

So lets see, $99 for new DVR, - $36 Credit, - $120 credit.

They paid me $57 to install a DVR. That's pretty good CS.

Dish did the same thing to me last year, when I told them I was going to switch to DTV. They did not care, until I called in to cancel. Then they started making deals. But it was to late. DTV already installed.

Please reply by conversation.

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