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Dec 4, 2005
Temperanceville, VA
So many negative posts are made, I just wanted to mention a good positive experience I had on the phone yesterday evening w/ Dish Tech Support.

My 622 finally had the HDMI port die in the morning before work, so I switched back to component so my wife could have TV before I got home. As soon as I did get back, I called tech & explained what had happened, and of course, had to do a couple of quick checks to confirm that it was the port. In less than 1/2 an hour, I was told that a replacement 622 should arrive in about 5 days. This guy was reall good, and real courteous. Heck, he even has family near where I live & we enjoyed a freindly conversation inbetween waiting for his screens to refresh.

Thanks Dish Tech Support!!!

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Sep 20, 2005
Fishers, IN
Thanks for the positive vibes. Been enough bad ones around lately.
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Jun 20, 2006
Bills Country
To add on to the positive...

The local installers sent out a quality control person last week to make sure everything with the install went well, and the took some pictures and stuff. I was sort of surprised that they did that on their own.

All 3 times I have had the Rochester installers (based somewhere east of they city, 315ers) come out and do something they have been great, no mistakes, quick, and the only time they weren't on time was for an upgrade, and I'm sure it was management's fault for overbooking. The tech didn't even need to come out, they could have just sent me the box.
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