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Mar 26, 2004
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My 811 took the 267 download last nite. After reading reveiws of 267, it appears that it wasnt much of an upgrade. However, now my OTA-NBC Channel(along with my OTA-PBS) does not lock. Gets stuck at 49%. WTF, it seems their "software" upgrades are actually downgrades. 267 made my OTA reception worse, cuz now I'm unable to watch 2 of my digital locals. Does DISH purposely do this? Is it their way to try to get users to 'subscribe' to locals. Is that why they never get the OTA tuner right? Why do they consistently go in a backwards direction?
MikeD-C05 said:
I got 267 last night and lost all my local channel locks. Had to reenter all the digital channels again one by one.

Did They stay locked after you re-entered them, Are they able to lock on steady so they can be watched again?

I dont know if I want the next SW update anymore. The 811 seems to get more messed up w/ each SW upgrade than it actually does get fixed.
Yes I readded all my locals and they are again watchable. It freaked me out when my cbs station I get a normal 84 percent on ,went to 49 percent and then said it couldn't lock on the station. The abc station with the least signal at 62 percent stayed on. Weird. I am going to try to amplifly the signal with a rf antenna amplifier so I can increase the reception . I 'll let you know if this makes any difference.
I added a preamp and my signal got worse. I removed it and it went back to the same old bad that I had before. You want to buy a preamp, I will sell you mine. PM me.
That 's great news. I already ordered one off and expect to receive it tommorrow. I guess that is another wasted amount of money; kind of like the money I spent on this 811.
I don't lock on two of my OTAs anymore as well, and my dolby doesn't work anymore either, use to work, doesn't work now, for all those that said teh 267 didn't do anything I say this... 267 = POS... to coincidental that all these peeps are having issues after it downloads.

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