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Oct 20, 2003
Dawson, GA
Earlier this year, or late last year we received a letter from Pegasus explaining that our request for waivers from our local FOX and ABC affiliates have been turned down. This was interesting to us as we didn't ask for a waiver from Fox (because we knew they wouldn't give us one) and we didn't ask for one for ABC either, because we already had ABC. We still have ABC, and I can only assume that it's because we are grandfathered in (we've had ABC stations since '94, and gotten waivers from them twice before), so my question is this:

If I were to get the Hughes HTL-HD receiver to add on (NOT replace a receiver), would that cause our ABC E&W to be taken away, or would we still keep them until the end of the year, and as long as the main receiver is still hooked up, then we will keep it?! If someone out there knows, please help me.

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