Grrrrrr, dvr playback cut short, sometimes barely in


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Mar 18, 2007
Twin Cities MN
Well on occasion some playback will end early, sometimes very early. It shows the correct length, but seems like it has a bad spot and it can't get passed it.
The box is a 722k with Ota module.
It has happened a few times recently, but today it really irked me. Was recording on dish fox the Nascar race, while watching other shows. Went to start the the recording from the beginning, the recording had no sound or picture, and the time jumped big skips, had to delete and start a recording again, trying the antenna this time. I usually watch like this with no issues.

Are there screens I can check or just unplug and pray for good things?
If I unplug my Ota tuner, then I guess I loose all my set timers for Ota, even when reinstalled?
Thanks much for the time

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