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Sep 9, 2007
those channels were in free preview but no longer as of june 1st. What package do you have? Hallmark is not available in all packages.

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Apr 19, 2009
With Dish, I get Hallmark with the Welcome Pack; I get Hallmark Movies & Mysteries with the Welcome Pack or Dish Movie Pack. I do not get Hallmark Drama with Dish as it is in America's Top 200 or the Heartland Package (along with Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries if you have an America's Top package or the Heartland Package). I get all three on Philo.

There are a combination of packages to get the Hallmarks. So, I have the hyperlinks above but I will post them here as well:
Hallmark: MyDISH
Hallmark Drama: MyDISH
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: MyDISH
Printable Channel Lineup Cards: Download Printable DISH Channel Lists | MyDISH
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Jun 14, 2014
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With my very cheap package (International Basic for $15 per month) I do not get any of the Hallmark channels, except for when they are in free preview. (International Basic also requires that another International package be added. The cheapest qualifying package that I have found is Portuguese: RTPI for $9.99 per month.) I do not subscribe to the Heartland Package, but I can add it for $6 per month if I wish. So, the cheapest way to get all three Hallmark channels from Dish is:
International Basic ($15) + Portuguese: RTPI ($9.99) + Heartland Package ($6) = $30.99 per month
This is the same price that grandfathered Welcome Pack subscribers pay (for just Hallmark and HM&M, not Hallmark Drama).
Non-grandfathered Welcome Pack subscribers would pay $34.99 per month for the same channels.
Either way, add $6 to the price of Welcome Pack to get Hallmark Drama in the Heartland Package. (So, $36.99 per month or $40.99 per month, depending on when you signed up for Welcome Pack.)

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