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(Thought I'd ask this here after what happened with a client tonight...I put the main question here first...then what led up to this below it... ;) )

Since it's ONLY in HD, I'm sure you still have to have HD Access on your account...but thought I would post it here, so that other subs here w/differing base packages (that do NOT have HD-Xtra) could check & see what other base packages it might be added to now. (Problem I have, is that it seems everyone else w/D* I know here, DOES have HD-Xtra...so can't check with them)

Tonight I went to a good clients house that was having problems on one of her C41's, & who's bill went up when her promo's ran out. (she has had Premier w/HD Xtra for ages, but has stayed on it partly because her DVR fee is still included with it) Anyway, so I called for her on both items & when I talked to the CSR on getting another prog promo, he told me that Hallmark M&M is now part of most of their base packages & has been since the first of the year; I do seem to remember him mentioning it being in Entertainment & Family even before last year. (that was the ONLY reason why she kept HD-Xtra) Of course I was VERY skeptical, since the only mention I saw here, was that it was in Preferred Xtra in Feb, but he actually did seem like he knew what he was talking about, so we had him remove it right then. (I figured at worse case, if it DOES go away, it's easy to just add it back on w/out messing anything else up) She ended up keeping Premier w/a $43 discount f/6-months & while still on the phone with him, we checked each channel in the HD-X pkg...sure enough, all were de-authorized EXCEPT for Hallmark M&M. Made her very happy to save another $5/month on that 1 channel. :D

So...what other base pkgs are other subs here getting it in???


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I have it in the Select package which I just signed up for. I just checked, and I can stream it live on my phone, so it is definitely available to me in the Select package.


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Jun 12, 2012
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Like your client, have an old grandfathered Premier pkg. with the DVR fee waived. And HMMHD is on as well outside the HD xtra add-on pkg.

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Jul 30, 2014
Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is now included in the Select, Entertainment, Preferred Xtra, and Premier channel packages without the HD Extra Pack.
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