Has anybody heard of this company?

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Yeah the phone number listed was a private household and he had never heard of it? I paid via Paypal and they have a contact number so i tried that and that number was a wireless number with no voicemail... I paid via paypal so i sent it to there claims department. It just smells phishy!!!
Well then what to do when i get wet snow all up on the dish.

I don't think I would buy from an etailor who didn't care enough to buy a real URL (such as www . dishcover . com, for example). It's not like they are real expensive, anyway. It just seems so fly by night!

Edit: That bcentral website goes to microsoft small business. I couldn't find any reference to how much it costs, but the impression that I got was that all you need is a hotmail account.
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Now, I love a scooby doo mystery. A google search turns up that number 281-465-8266 only on that website on the whole internet. It didn't turn up a phonebook result, oddly enough.

Superpages.com reverse look up turned up 2 listings with different address (WTF?) you can see them here:


One appears to be a business---HOWEVER---I did not do a business search, I did a people search. Maps reveal those two address are actually in woodlands, tx and are not all that far apart. Let us google the name of the business and the name of the person.

They've got a yellow page listing here (under electronic equipment and supplies--same phone number):

I find nothing referencing the persons name and that company. Try calling and asking for that lady by name. That's what I'd do. If they say "who", then maybe you start breaking their balls. A threat to call to code enforcement, ect. A neighbors search of the people pages turned up nothing. That may indicate an industrial area!

Anyway, paypal ought to back you unless the seller can show proof the product was delivered. They can only get your cashola back if the guy has enough in his paypal account, though. Its part of the TOS of dealing with paypal.

They have lots of haters, but I find that as long as you play by their rules (cross the t's and dot the i's) and watch your own 6, you'll have no problems. Know your products and your potential buyers. Some stuff is more risky for fraud.
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I feel for you but also I found about 11 web pages all about PAYPAL. I myself would never use it but many still do. Your decision. Here is just one link.

Interesting. Every page on that site has "click here for our paypal alternative" seems like one of those letters I got trying to sell me cancer insurance, because I served during the "persian gulf conflict." :eek: They really know me. The closest I ever got to the persian gulf was Okinawa. I can't stand people that prey on other peoples fear. If they want me to take them seriously, STOP TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!
And here is one from a former employer about their "claims department".

I'm always sceptical of those who want to bash something and remain annonymous. What, is he afraid Paypal is gonna put a hit out on him? It doesn't help that they also have a link to a paypal competitor.

If you need money to fund a site like that use donations! :eureka That way, you don't look like a competitor on a sleaze campaign (like the Ford/Corker thing in Tennessee right now).
Regarding the paypal posts I only put them on there to perhaps make new users aware of it. Like I said it's YOUR own decision. But I do know if you try to google paypal you will get more hits than you really want to know. And some of the users are ones that thought "it will never happen to me".
Here is my two cents worth on both Pay Pal and the DISH cover issue:
Re - PayPal, I've used them for eBay and other on-line purchases for about 3-4 years now with no problems or significant concerns. For me it has been a good and useful service that makes some transactions go much quicker.

Re - covering for satellite dishes, I live in Minnesota and my roof installation is, for my own situation, essentially inaccessible to anyone other than techs with ladders and other essential equipment. After getting switched to a DISH 1000 for HD programming last winter, I found that snow and ice build-up was - for the first time - a problem. After some research, including e-mails to DISH technical support, it seems that there is no ideal solution if one can't physically remove the ice buildup. Heaters/melters have one set of problems and covers are not ideal because they do affect the signal.

Maybe this type of problem is like the 129 satellite problems - something we either have to live with or do without until a better product or service comes along. If someone does have a good way to deal with ice build up on a dish that one can't be reached by most people, I'd like to know more.
Pam can help with ice. You want a no stick/water repellant product.

As for my paypal experience. I've been using them for 6 years. I buy and sell. I've never had a problem. I do not sell things that morons or children buy. I went through all of that before I signed up with paypal.

I had an issue with a dress my wife bought one the bay. Turned out to be a homemade POS. Initially, it was too small, so the wife went to a tailor. The tailor said this is a POS, I'm not touching it. We took it up with the seller who said, too bad, so sad. I said fine and opened a significantly not as described dispute. Seller backtracked and refunded money.

See? No problem. The seller did try to trick me into closing it before they refunded. If I had, they could have renegged and I would have been screwed.

That is EXACTLY the reason that I ONLY bid on auctions that take paypal.

If you can't get paypal to do anything, then file a chargeback with your credit card.
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I imagine you get out of your paypal experience what you put into it. When I used to have to do primestar disconnects, it was never the customer's fault, always primestar. But you know what? The people that actually paid their bills didn't have to deal with being cut off every 3 months.
If you google the name on their website "Newbold World Satellites"....

They have a yahoo store that doesn't work and the 4th hit on the page is for a dreams alive magazine add. The link there is busted, too.


The 6th one down is a domain registry page, where they bought the URL, I guess.

Perhaps newbold is someone's last name? A search of the area will turn that up. Google the phone number that paypal gave you, or try the reverse lookup on superpages.com.
Paypal is awesome. If you have a problem with someone you bought something from and you can't get ahold of them you can file a claim though paypal
there you can enter the information from the paypal transaction you are having problems with. They recommend you wait 7 days before you do anything like that then you can file a dispute against the seller or if you are selling something the buyer. Ebay has something similar:

I hope that explains the processes to protect the buyers and sellers on ebay and paypal if and when transactions go wrong which occasionally does happen when you have billions of transactions going on a day and millions every second.
Well after submitting my claim to paypal i was fully re-imbursed today... what i believe is that it must be a company gone under, and they didnt even bother to take my money out of their paypal account... i am looking into the kings rain shield. Thanks
The ONLY company I know of that makes LEGAL Dish covers is DishSkinz.COM. All other Dish covers with team logos on that I have seen have been scam companies.

So buyer beware.

DishSkinz is run by the SkyVision folks.
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