Has anyone gotten any good NFL Ticket deals for 2017?

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  1. So last October I got a flyer from AT&T to add a line of service, and get 2016 and 2017 seasons of one of 3 sports leagues free, MLS(Not a soccer fan), MLB(live in NY we're Yanks and Mets fans so we get them and lucky NFL(So I got 2016 and 2017 free), but it's just the normal ST.

    So I called in tonight, asked for discounts, got loyalty department, been a customer since 2006 except for 2009, they offered me $45 off/12 Months w no 12 Month Agreement, or $55 off/12 Months w 12 Months Agreement, so I took the $55 for 12 months, have no issue with the agreement, have no plans on switching any time soon, also got $10 off of Sports Pack for 6 Months. Not bad IMO.
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  2. Wow, looks like they are giving away the ship ....

    Not bad, thats GREEEEAT !

    $55 off your bill .... what package do you have ?
  3. Xtra package. The one for $87.99 a month
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  4. In two phone conversations with DirecTV at two different times, the first one told me that I was getting NFL ST for free this year for being such a loyal customer - I said thank you, and I asked the same question again when I called a few months later and the person verified that what the first person said was true. So imagine my surprise when I got a bill for the first installment of $46.99 on the August 3 one. So I called up and explained the situation, and they gave it to me for free with a 12-month committment - which is fine considering I'm not going to cancel anytime soon anyway. They also gave a one time credit of $20.
  5. Just so you know, it is typical to have the charges listed on your bill and then down below in the credits, have it removed.
    So your really not paying for it, they just show it and then credit it.
    Don't know if thats the way yours is or not.
  6. That's what happened with me last year, sort of, I paid about $270 until October when I got that back as a credit which paid for my bill that month, and then some.

    Now it says NFL Sunday Ticket 2017 $0.00 under programming with the Max upgrade for $16.00 a month underneath it.

    I had to actually call in to get the NFL Ticket added for free, it didn't even renew like it usually does.
  7. I actually got an email saying they were giving it to me for free this year. I also saw the charge on the bill, but then it was credited at the bottom.
  8. After having it for years, I called up the other day and cancelled NFL ST. Didn't get much use out of it last year, as I watched NASCAR more then the NFL. When the race was over with for a the day and after the NASCAR season ended, I watched NFL RedZone on cable, not DirecTV Red Zone, more then anything. And with there only being 3 or 4 late games for most of the season, it's pointless after 4:30pm. Since I get one set of locals on one DVR, and another set on the other DVR, there were times I got all of the late games without the need of ST. When I cancelled, the CSR gave it one attempt, offering me a 'loyalty' discount, NFL ST Max for $180. I declined and then she cancelled my subscription.

    A buddy of mine that moved out of state is a huge Bills fan, last year I gave him my DirecTV credentials and he was able to stream Bills games blackout free using the NFL ST app on his tablet and was able to output it to his TV. A few months ago his work schedule changed and he now works Sundays. If he didn't, I'd make him an offer to buy me a thing or two off my Amazon Wish List totaling $70 or $80 and I'd I'd take the $180 deal.
  9. I just got it for free. Just had to go under contract for a year. They also threw in $15 off. I got it because I mentioned leaving, which I was thinking about doing, because of how the prices keep going up. Not that I will use it much but it guarantees that the wife is going to be pissed at me for sitting around on Sundays even more now.