Has Dish Comm Technology been activated in 622 & 211 Receivers?


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Sep 8, 2003
Modesto, CA
The question says it all. I have a 622 connected to a phone line and a 211 where it is impossible to connect to a phone line.

According to what I have read that if Dish Comm technology is activated all that is required is that one VIP player be connected to a phone line for features such as caller id to be available to VIP units that are not connected. The signals would be sent through a home's internal electral wiring.

Information please!?:confused: :(
Not activated YET. I expect it to possibly be active around the June / July timeframe. There is a active rumor going in the pub area about the DishCOMM and what it may do soon (lots more then just share you phone line thats for sure!) :D
Thanks Scott. I'll remain patient. Have had the 622 and 211 for 5 days now. No reboots, sync problems, or BSOD. The HD in the 622 is so quiet compared to the 921 that I almost was going to call tech support and complain that the HD wasn't running. My wife assured me it was running--but super quiet.

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