Have you renewed your passport recently?

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Nov 16, 2005
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I have. The Passport Renewal website advises it can take eight to eleven weeks for renewal. So, taking this into account I submitted my paperwork to the Philadelphia address on March 2nd and as promised by the USPS it arrived on March 8th. The travel time for the documents is not counted in the projected time needed to renew.

The processing website acknowledged the documents' arrival on March 9th.

My new passport arrived in my mailbox on March 25th.

This government agency has my admiration.
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Given how little recreational travel is going on, there's probably not a lot of traffic in the offices that process passports. Mine expired last June and I'm going to wait a while before I renew it.
My son wants to travel out of the Country next summer and wanted to know how much of a pain it would be to renew his Passport. Since he wasn’t 16 when he got his current Passport, he needs to apply in person instead of being able to do it through the mail. So, a little more effort.
Renwals were a major issues this year. Passport Canada ETA's the kid's renewal for early June. Missed out on summer travel as its arrived at the end of September.
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State Department has reopened their beta program for on-line passport renewals.

They have been working on it for several years and must be getting closer to having the bugs worked out.

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I just renewed mine last month. It took about six weeks, like they said it would. I had connected online and signed up for status updates, but my new passport arrived in the mail and nary a peep.

I will say, the new ID page is definitely a step above the previous passport, now it's a plastic page about the thickness of a credit card (maybe a little heavier) and all the information is laser-etched. It has a definite tactile feedback to it, I'm sure to counter counterfeiting.
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