Having some lnbf trouble


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Sep 8, 2003
I have been losing some of my channels on my 119 lnbf. I have a 7200 and 301. Both receivers are having this problem. It only recognizes the 119 odd along with the 110 odd/even (using sw21s w/ Dish 500 dual lnbfs).

I don't think the sw21s are bad, the 301 has a new sw21 and new cable now for 4 months now and it had been working great. The 7200 had been having some problems lately with the picture going in and out for a few seconds off and on throughout the day, sometimes 1-3 times, or at least more than 7 times.

I have the extended warranty plan. Should I get Dish to send me a replacement lnbf or are there other things I so try? Also, I would like to know if anyone knows of a site that has Dish Network's Satellite Transponders for 119 and 110-it would help me in determining what channels correspond to what transformer instead of having to find out only when the channel.

Any help on this problem is greatly appreciated.
It could also be in your receiver. I had to replace a 301 receiver a little over a week ago because it would not recognize all the transponders on 119 (just the odds or evens) but recognized them all on 110.

I have seen this in the past as well. When I tried replacing the lnbf it done the same thing. Also his channels that did come in off of 119 would pixellate and I noticed the signal strength bar would turn red (unlocking) then turn green again (locking) going back and forth a bit more than it normally should.

If there is another receiver that you could hook up to the satellite cable I would do that and run a check switch to see if that receiver is behaving the same way. If so then you know it is something else such as wiring, lnbf, or sw-21 switch. Since it is a new sw-21 switch it is a lot less likely that it could be that. Also if you swapped the 119 lnbf with the 110 lnbf you could check to see if it is the lnbf or not.
lnbf trouble

I worked on the lnbf problem earlier this evening. First I bypassed the switch and checked the signal strength. Got around 97 on 119. Reconnected the switch and ran a check, found it did not recognize the switch. Later found it only found the odd side of 119-most of my core programming is on the even side.

Then, I swapped the lnbfs around on the Dish 500 (I have my dish mounted on a wooden post about 5ft off the ground-makes it easier to clear and do any work on the dish). Once again, I bypassed the switch and still got around 97. Reconnected switch-it recognized it as sw21, I reconnected 110 cable, ran check switch again, and now it says satellite reception verified, 119 odd/even and 110 odd/even. Checked signal strength on 7200 (main rcvr), I get 119 at around 58 and I get 110 around 78. On the 301 in my dad's bedroom, he gets 117 on 119 and 107 on 110.

I think I may have a receiver that is going bad-Anyone else experience anything like this that owns a 7200 with an additional receiver hooked up?
If you haven't already done it buy the extended warranty for $1.99 from DISH. You have to be covered for 1 month before you can file a claim.