havn.t posted in awhile..it's sad


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Sep 30, 2003
Bergen co NJ
read scotts post about sears and starzhdtv and taking voom down for it....It's sad when i can't buy what i want or even better have what i want but because of geography it dosn't work for me..I have a very nice home theater set up and a good set(looks like it will be strickly DVD's soon) dish has the HDTV but is mooving their programing 1 by 1 (discovery HD theater moves off on 11/15) Where i live i cant get the new birds 110,119,105, too low in the sky blocked by trees.Oh i can cut a tree down,run 200 feet underground cable and mount the superdish on my lampost which is 15' inside my driveway on front lawn..BUT town says no,and it would be UGLY...BUT wait there is VOOM at 61.5 my saving grace,but while D* and E* are adding espn hd,HD net and now starz HD in dec..Voom has rumors rumors and rumors..hbo on 11/1...nope.....i will delay my install again,and.......MOVE??

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