Hawaii Subs: RU having audio drops on KHON?

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Aug 14, 2011
I'm a DISH subscriber and for the last several days, we have experienced a 1 second audio dropout every 12 seconds. I reported this to DISH tech support 3 days ago (as of 12/14/2016) and the problem still remains.

About a year ago, both DirectTV and DISH subscribers were experiencing audio and video problems from this same station. These problems lasted several months until both DirectTV subs and DISH subs reported the problem.

From what was explained to me, both DirectTV and DISH get their signal from an over the air antenna from KHON. The signal is then sent to our respective uplink locations.

So please report if you are experiencing problems so we don't have to go through months of unwatchable stations and it helps our providers to troubleshoot the problems.
To clarify, this issue is only occurring on KHON HD not on SD nor on the sub channel
Thanks K9SAT for the intervention. Issue has been resolved for a few days now.
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