HBO for $10 is back and Showtime is 1/2 off


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Oct 29, 2005
So a few months ago I saw all the promotions for HBO for $10 a month but I didn't bite.

Then a friend let my borrow his Game of Thrones DVDs.

I watched all 4 seasons and wanted to watch the 5th. You can only watch it on HBO.

So...I log into my Dish account to see if maybe the $10 a month offer will be in "My Offers".

It wasn't.

Next I just signed up for the 30 free trial of HBO Now. (it's like Netflix but only HBO)

Today I get an email about Showtime for 1/2 price - $7.50 a month. I log into my Dish account today and I get a popup offering HBO for $10 a month. It wasn't in "My Offers". Just a pop up.

I took it.

I didn't however get Showtime for $7.50......yet.

That's all. Just passing it along.

I thought it was weird that the offer popped up after I searched for HBO on my Dish account. But thanks Dish! I'll take it!


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Sep 20, 2005
Fishers, IN
The $10 deal never went away, to my knowledge. Been showing up for at least a couple of months when I log in.


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Oct 29, 2005
When you say "showing up"

Where is it showing up?

In your offers? or somewhere else?

The popup I got was the first time I've seen it...


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Aug 21, 2005
Yucaipa, CA - 60 miles east of LA
I got on the CS chat and just asked for $10 HBO. I was paying $19 and they made the change for me in less than 2 minutes.
Same here - I saw a thread about the $10 HBO and chatted with Dish and got the price reduction without questions. We have had HBO for a couple of years now and didn't hear about the lower price until asking.
Our Roku now offers HBO Now (I think they call it that) for around $15 so that is probably the reason Dish offered the lower price.
Any word on the Showtime channel - is it like HBO with the online programs available? Just might take the free month and catch up on Homeland - again it is on my Roku so good to have some price competition there.

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