HD Channel List: Dish Network vs DirectTV


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Dec 29, 2007
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Dish has opened up a big lead in the national HD category. If they were to close the RSN gap they'd be very appealing to a lot of people. I can't believe Direct has 43 HD PPV channels.


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Some corrections/updates:

Shorts is on channel 375 and has HD content including HD 4x3 programs. I have not seen any SD content on it yet but I am sure there is some. I think it belongs in "movies". They are short movies, but movies non-the-less. But that is up to the editor. :)

NATGeo Wild, History International, Style and HLN all have HD programming I have personally seen. I have not seen SD programs on HLN yet, but "may not be full time" is a good fit for those.

BET Jazz is now called Centric. Still no HD programs I have seen, though I really do not spend any time there.

TCM HD has had no HD any time I have watched it over the last 24 hours. This includes the interstitials and introductions. NO HD yet is a good fit for this channel right now.

Channel numbers for PPV HD on Dish changed to 502-515(?) Not sure where they end now. Same number of PPV HD channels, just moved to the head of the class.


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Great List, one comment though, isn't National Geographic World really National Geographic WILD.
Probably :D I've been working 13 hour shifts since last Thursday Night (spending 15 + hours away from home) all I have time for is the local news before heading to work, (been updating the list on lunch break) ;) I'll update again tonight, keep the info coming!

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May 3, 2007
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Directv has
110 1080p VOD
385 HD VOD
Total 495.

But these are choices not really channels.

The Directv Cinema has 3 1080p channels.
And 23 HD regular HD Cinemas channels.

All the rest I see is VOD.

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