HD Channels on SUPERDISH or DISH500?


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Nov 24, 2003
I'm in Sacramento CA, and I want to get a Dish Network system with all the HD programming included, I would like to only have to use one Dish500 reciever (only seeing the sattelites at 110deg and 119deg), but the Dish Network website says that half of the HD channels are at the 61.5deg sattelite. lyngsat.com shows that ALL HD channels are being broadcast at E* 6/8 at the 110 deg location... SO, who is right??? Do I need the Superdish or will one Dish500 do the job??
I am in West Sac - to answer your question, the HD channels are all on the 110 with the exception of KCBS-HD (the LA HD feed which requires a local affiliate waiver.) KOVR will not grant HD waivers, so you will need to pick up the local stations OTA. The HD broadcast tower for all the Sacramento stations is in Walnut Grove (I'm about 25 miles from it) and I am picking them up with EXCELLENT quality using a Silver Sensor indoor antenna. All our digital locals are in the UHF band, but if you want to get the analogs you will need a UHF/VHF antenna. If you subscribe to the locals on Dish, you can get them to install a second dish aimed at the 148 location for free by telling them you want to be able to see Univision (It's part of the package) but the HD channels that used to be there have since been moved to 110. Good luck!

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