Super superdish hookup


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Nov 17, 2003
I am rounding up primestar dishes to make a super dish that will not drop out in storms. I have three primestar's adapted for dbs lnbf's for 110 119 and 148, and one with a dual fss voltage switch for 105. I hope to aquire another dish for 61.5. All equipment is legacy for a 6000.
I am feeding at present through a sw64 for 110,119,148 and have another sw64, a sw42 and two sw21 available. My question is, what scenario would allow me to have all four dbs and a fss for 105, to work for two receiver's? The primestar's really sizzle for reception on weak transponders and rain fade is a thing of the past. The interconnection possibilities make me dizzy. Thanks

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