HD Cinema Premeries Movies on 6/1

Sean Mota said:
HD Cinema Crime (106): The Revolt of the Slaves *+ (1961, Drama)
HD Cinema Gunslingers (110): The Leather Boys *** (1963, Drama)
HD Cinema Drama (101): Zandy's Bride *+ (1974, Westerns)

Shouldn't "The Leather Boys" be seeing it's premiere on Divine? ;)
occammd said:
it is on divine, thats cinema 10

I guess the "Gunslingers" description threw me in Sean's post. I figured it was an old western with an unfortunate title. I just looked it up on IMDB and it is in fact a gay-themed movie, not that there's anything wrong with that :p
FYI, "The Leather Boys" is shown in OAR!
I watched most of Leather Boys just now. Best line: "Let's go to New York. I hear they have 13 channels of TV there." LMAO
RE: "13 channels of TV"

A reaction to British TV. In Britain for the longest time there was only BBC1 & BBC2.
Sounds funny today though with Sat.TV.
As a kid, I grew up in Los Angeles and we had every channel from 2-13! Imagine my shock when I left L.A. and there were only 3 channels, I thought everyone had 2-13 (that was prior to UHF going online).

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