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Mar 7, 2010
I upgraded a few days ago and got an 722k and 612 receiver. The Little Rock Arkansas locals that are available in HD(CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC) come through in HD, but the SD channel isn't showing up on the Guide at all. The locals that don't offer HD, for example CW, do show up fine. I spent about an hour on the phone last night with Dish CS trying to figure this out, did check switch, reboot, etc but still no SD. My phone ended up going dead while everything was rebooting so my call with the rep got cut off. I got the feeling he was running out of ideas.

The reason I want the SD is because of the DVR space, as most of the shows we record are on the 4 major networks. Anybody had this issue or have any suggestions as what to do? From what i can tell all locals are broadcast on the 77 satellite.

Do you have HDTVs? If so, why would you want to record SD? You could get a 1.5T EHD for expansion once you activate EHD support.
Yeah RedStar,
I noticed that too. Sometimes I want to save HD space as well. But I found where they hide them, atleast for my DMA (New York). They are located at the orginal channel number dish uses before it started mirroring them to make it look like the number you are familar with. For example WPIX the CW11 is mirrored in HD to Channel 11 but not in SD. The SD is at 8104. So just type into the guide 8000 and it should come up with the orginal SD feeds you may want to create a favorites list with all of your SD Locals
So Dish doesn't mirror channels in SD that have an HD option? That is strange, I wasn't intending to buy a new external hard drive and pay the $40 to activate it right now. I do have 2 HD tvs, and 3 other tvs throughout the house that are just standard. My wife records lots of shows every day...crap like Dr Oz or Oprah, that there's really no need for HD. When you have 350 hours on the 722 thats fine, but if its all HD and now you only have 50 hours.

On the external drive, is the $40 fee per receiver, or is it portable i.e. from my 722 to my 612?

$40 once, for any # of those receivers in the household account. Portable between those two. I do it all the time.

If you get the HD channel, the receiver outputs it in SD over the non-HD outputs. You gain nothing, really, by having the SD versions as well. The HD version converted to SD probably looks better anyway.
Jersey Guy, i checked the 9300s which is where my other locals show up, but still nothing SD for CBS-Fox-NBC-ABC.

ON eastern arc installs with the 1000.4 sat dish you will NOT get sd versions of your local channels if there are HD versions. You will get the lesser sd channels, like Cw in sd if that is all you have . Eastern arc doesn't duplicate sd channels if Hd channel versions are available.
they left the big 4 on 110, so you will likely need another dish pointed at 110 to get them all. then you will need to set timers on those channels in the 9000 range.


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