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Sep 17, 2006
I have a Dish vip622 receiver w/ an OTA tuner, so question is, can I get HD OTA where I'm at? Dish sucks and won't give me any of the major 4 (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS) in HD, and I can't stand SD anymore ;). I have no other problem with Dish besides this. My big concern is how far I am from OKC broadcasts...about 57 mi on average, highest being 59.3 mi. I am on flat terrain with only a few short trees, so I shouldn't have any problem with big hills, buildings, etc. I can't seem to find any current info on getting OTA in Enid. Any ideas guys? Thanks.

Below are the results from antennaweb (digital only):

* green - uhf KETA-DT 13.1 PBS OKLAHOMA CITY OK 150° 56.2 32
* lt green - uhf KAUT-DT 40.1 MNT OKLAHOMA CITY OK 149° 56.9 40
* lt green - vhf KOCO-DT 5.1 ABC OKLAHOMA CITY OK 151° 58.5 7
* lt green - uhf KOKH-DT 25.1 FOX OKLAHOMA CITY OK 151° 59.3 24
* red - uhf KOCB-DT 34.1 CW OKLAHOMA CITY OK 150° 58.7 33
* red - uhf KOPX-DT 62.1 i OKLAHOMA CITY OK 150° 56.2 50
* red - uhf KFOR-DT 4.1 NBC OKLAHOMA CITY OK 150° 56.2 27
* red - uhf KWTV-DT 9.1 CBS OKLAHOMA CITY OK 150° 56.2 39
* violet - uhf KSBI-DT 52.1 IND OKLAHOMA CITY OK 150° 56.2 51
Well first its not Dish's (or any DBS provider) fault that you can't get any DNS that falls on your local affiliates and teh NAB; but that being said at 56m - 60m you need a good quality OTA deep fringe antenna mounted as high as possible (chimney mount) outside and aimed around the 150° heading to have any hope. I am listing the Radio shack model 1st so that maybe you can get it local, try it, and have ease returning it if it does not work for you. Otherwise you will need to search, possible mail order. Also try calling the local affiliates' engineering supervisor, as they are always likely to help and recommend products.

Look for these:
Radio Shack Model: VU-190 XR | Catalog #: 15-2156
Winegard HD 8200P
Channel Master CM 3671
Winegard PR 7052
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Chimney/roof mount isn't going to happen, so attic is only bet. Guess I'm screwed for OTA. I realize it isn't actually Dish's fault, and is really the network's. I've heard some stuff about waivers for distant networks, do you know how to go about that...even if it is one of those long shot ideas?
Well attic is gonna kill the signal between 30% - 50% depending on the antenna and the roof. FYI the you are federally protected against anyone saying you can't install an OTA; there are some exceptions if you rent.

Waivers; what is your service zip code?
60 miles is not that hard, people are pulling Tulsa in from Mcalester at 90 miles and Bartlesville at 60 miles, and the terrain has a lot more hills and such in eastern OK than in western.
Correct, but he wants it installed in the attic which will drastically cut his range. I would love a list of antennas getting 90 miles from inside a typically constructed attic.
osu1991 said:
60 miles is not that hard, people are pulling Tulsa in from Mcalester at 90 miles and Bartlesville at 60 miles, and the terrain has a lot more hills and such in eastern OK than in western.
Hey osu, btw. did MYTV41 quit broadcasting in HD?

KMYT-DT is a digital broadcaster; but why would a channel stop broadcasting digital once they have started?

The Zap2It program guide shows "Fashion House" is HD right now @ 8pm and that "Desire" was at 7pm. Maybe once they converted from UPN to MyTV on the 5th they lost some programming rights and now have a VERY limited HD lineup?
I noticed Saturday they were no longer upconverting the analog feed and now I have not seen any hd tonight. They may have some equipment down or are having problems since they had to switch from 1080i to 720p. I was going to post on hdtvok since the engineers from koki usually monitor the site, I just haven't got around to it yet.

I should have stated for an outdoor antenna.
Yeah, but the fact is I looked at 41.1 at about 7:30 while channel surfing and Desire was letterboxed with bars on the sides and right now Fashion House is the same way. I am assuming equipment problems because they have always upconverted all the sd ever since they switched the digital channel on. Now they have been known not to switch to the UPN HD feed man many times because Clear Channel allocates more of their staff to FOX23 their sister station that broadcasts from the same building and studios.
Not a station I watch much unless nothing is on and I catch a rerun of stargate or star trek. I was hoping they would get the CW affiliation instead of former wb, since at least they were set up for HD and KQCW will not be spending the money to go digital until the 2009 shutoff. I may email FOX 23 to see whats up if it remains this way, but it seems they pretty much let the new guys run KMYT and this is what happens.

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