HD to SD switch

If I’m reading this correctly, your trying to downgrade to sd, why would you want to do that?
Yeah, I was having trouble figuring out what he meant as well. Maybe he saw the aspect ratio change on commercials, and he's calling that SD. I've seen that a lot.
The Hopper will switch the the SD equivalent if the HD channel is getting brown outs or rain/cloud fade. The SD feed sends much less data and more forgiving of dropouts. I've seen it a lot during the rain popups lately. The only problem is when the overcast fade goes away, it will not automatically go back to the HD feed.

And also, if you are recording the program, you are SOL. It won't switch the recorded feed to the SD equivalent, it will just give you a lost signal message.
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System switches from HD to SD except for PSA commercials.
If this is happening arbitrarily, on high definition channels, it’s because something’s either blocking your high def satellite Line of sight or your dish needs to be adjusted and that particular satellite is that far out of adjustment that it’s causing the loss of HD signal

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