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Sep 8, 2003
So I am wrong in thinking that a digital HD connection(HDMI) is better then an analog HD connection(component)?
The connection is neither better nor worse. It has little to do with the final image result, it just conducts the data to the display.

If the video processing chipset only provides 8 bit processing for HDMI but 10 bit processing for component, your component may very well look better.

Early on, you could claim that sending digital data straight to a digital display in digital format would be better than converting digital data to an analog format that then must be converted back to digital data in the display. That's not necessarily so anymore.


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Sep 18, 2007
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The only reason i want this HDMI setup is for the 1080p. Because i click rent it says r u sure you want to order this i dont click anything then i wait like 5-7 seconds then it says you are not compatible. If i click the confirmation before it says you are not compatible will it charge me? And what should i look for if i know my 1080 p works?


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Nov 10, 2006
not true.

Answer is it may be the same, better or worse. A lot of TVs have different internal settings for the different inputs so you might see differences in the PQ. And a bunch of people have reported washed out colors via HDMI vs component (me being one but I was able to fix the problem in my TV service menu).

So the only one that can say there is a difference is you. :)

The above was true for me also. I was using HDMI with my 622 and noticed that switching between the TV and 622 while viewing local HDTV via antenna proved the 622 looked a bit washed out.

Last week, I left the HDMI in and connected component. The component looks very much like the cripser image I got with my antenna going straight to the tv. Both inputs have the same image settings. I've been in the service menu many times to tweak the picture.

I've read on here that the 722's HDMI provides better image quality. Not surprising as it's newer. I'll stick with component for now. 1080P via DISH isn't important to me as my HDTV doesn't do 1080P/24 anyway.
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