HDR Standards

I made sure my last purchase supported DV.
I'm guessing that Dolby is asking too much for their license, thus the direct competition with the release of HDR10+. 'Free' beats expensive almost 100% of the time. DV needs to react and lower their fees or they have a chance of seeing all their work go to naught.
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Being an open standard, I think HDR10+ has a very good chance of becoming the de facto standard.
Very unlikely (never say never), HDR10+ is really a Samsung extension to HDR10 that Samsung released as an open standard. Sony, Visio, and LG are not supporting it and very unlikely to.

Dolby Vision is supported by everyone but Samsung and has all the Dolby advertising dollars behind it.

Most of the movie studios support DV on their 4K blurays, only Warner and 20th Century have announced plans for HDR10+ on bluray with zero to very few movies actually released supporting HDR10+.
Sony also said they would never make a VHS machine. I don't bet on format wars...I've lost all of them.
Yeah, I have my Beta and HD-DVD stories, but DV isn't a Sony invention and Sony isn't the only one in the DV boat, only Samsung and Panasonic make HDR10+ TVs with Panasonic making the only HDR10+ capable Bluray player.

Perhaps most important is the amount of available HDR10+content is nil when compared to DV along with Dolby's huge advertising budget.

HDR10+ is coming to new Samsung and Panasonic TVs, but good luck finding content
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Yeah, I thought for sure that HD-DVD would win. I think there was just one too many D's for the name to catch on. They should have called it HDVD.

I lost the HDVD gamble.

So I will wait for this latest format war to sort itself out.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed that Panasonic will reenter the television market in the US and decide to support DV.

Till then we’ll continue to roll with our three Panny plasmas.

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