HDTV Antenna - Anybody use radio shack (see link)

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Dec 3, 2003
For starters there is no such thing is a HD attenna

Looks like garbage. We will need to know where you live in order to help you .
I use to work at Radio Shack a while ago. Those antennas work good if you are close to the antenna tower. If you live in the suburbs, it probably won't work.

But, if you told us where you live, we can give you much better advise.
I'm north of Dallas. I found a link that shows HD coverage and I was not on the fringes of the coverage.

I know there isn't an "HD" antenna. I'm just looking for an antenna to receive my OTA HD signals.

So, are the good old boom atennas are better?

This has been covered many times on this forum. There is a handy feature called search that will bring up all this info. Scott can you put a sticky on this subject so we don't see 10 post a week on it ?
I had this antenna installed for about a month. I'm 46 miles from my DMA's transmitters. I was getting good signals on some channels, slightly marginal (50-60%) on others, so I upgraded to a 60-mile UHF antenna. I'd say if you're within 35 miles, this antenna would work fine.

Im in Plano and I have a Radio Shack VU-120XR http://www.radioshack.com/searchsku.asp?find=15-2154 mounted on a 25ft pole. I do have apartments behind my house, so I have to get over them, so you may not need to go so high.

I had a guy named Topp Robertson out to do a site survey. He can tell you exactly where to put your antenna, how high it should be, etc. He charges $50 for a site survey and I think it was well worth it. He also made some adjustments to my dish for the same price. I was receiving all channels except WFAA. Topp came out and after his survey, he told me to either raise my antenna or try an amplifier. Five more feet on my antenna mast and I now get all DT channels. If you arent a DIYer, he can also do the install for you.

Here is his contact info:
Topp Robertson, Owner
Applied Digital Science, LLC
1832 Chaparral Court
Grapevine, Texas 76051-4828
Phone: 817-329-0962
E-mail: info@idigscience.com

I was kind of sold on him once I saw his HDTV antenna setup: http://www.anwireless.com/tx1.html

Hope this helps.

Glenn Z
See the quote above. I posted a message earlier and this one the of the responses. Where do you live in North Dallas? I live in Coppell. When I went to antennaweb.org it showed I could get by with a multidirectional antenna.

I had that antenna and I picked up some channels in Plano. Almost everyone I have spoken with says dont bother with an amplified or "HD" antenna. A big ugly antenna is all you should need.
Right now I have a radioshack VU 190 30 feet in the air with a Winegard Preamp and rotator. I can get ABC HD out of MS and watch Monday night football in HD.

It 2 weeks i'm going up with a wineguard 8200 and stronger preamp.
I also have a VU-190 with rotor and no pre-amp. I receive HD from 50 miles away in one direction and 75 miles in another. The antenna is mounted on chimney about 35-40 feet high.
I am thinking about it but it will have to have "wife appearance approval" :D If it was up to me I would have all kinds a stuff
hanging off the house ;)

I was just wondering if there is a antenna that would work in
the attic. Does the attic cause problems? I really do not know
a thing about the different antennas
Why would you put it in the attic ? is it like people wanting to put XM radio attennas in there car ?

Why put an antenna outdoors when one can work in the attic?

Outdoors = potential for damage from elements.

Some situations like mine are easily tackled with an attic mount. Others will need to go outdoors on 40' towers.

When you say HD antenna, I'm assuming you mean strictly UHF. I'm sure the antenna Rolltide offered is a good one, but that cost over twice what a good UHF only antenna does.

Check out Antennacraft's MXU-59 yagi or Channelmaster's 4228 8 bay bow tie.


Some things are made to go outside and this is one of those things.

You would lose alot of signal if you put it inside
Alot is a subjective term. If it still gives a signal the receiver can lock onto and not have drop outs, Why go outside?

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