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Nov 25, 2003
Can someone explain to me the diffrence in the connections on this back pannel pic? Its the picture on the upper left corner, I want to know what the diffrence between the COMPONENT inputs and the DTV imput is...

It looks to me like the DTV inputs can be used EITHER as a third set of component inputs,
OR as a RGBHV input (most likely software selectable from a user menu).
I don't own a Mits, so don't take my word for it.
Thanks Zvogt, is there any diffrence in Quality level or are they both pretty much the same?
On my Mits the DTV can be 1080i, 480p or 480i. The component inputs are only 480i or 480p. In my setup I have my 6000 and Xbox switched through my Onkyo AVR to the Mits DTV input. My progressive scan DVD player goes directly to one of the component inputs on the Mits.

Hope this helps.

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