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Apr 25, 2004
Rochester, NY
I just got a widescreen LCD tv that has a built in HDTV tuner, I am using a 121 superdish 522 (2)510's 501, this fall (September ish) I would like to subscribe to HDTV programming, does all the HD programming use the 61.5? I am confused about this MPEG 4 deal, should I wait untill it comes out before I go to HD or doesn't it matter, what about HD receivers for current subs? I own all my equipment and would like to own a HD receiver if possible. Thanks for any advice or thoughts.


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Mar 23, 2005
St. Louis
The original Dish HD channels are on 110. The Voom channels are on 61.5. Think 25 million receivers... MPEG4 will be a s l o w rollout for E*. I am enjoying my 921 for now and will probably lease/buy a 942 soon and will enjoy it. Then when MPEG4 comes along I will lease/buy the receivers needed. Then when receivers come out that use flash or some such storage I will lease/buy some of them. Then, when the next big thing comes out.... E* does have a lease option for the 811. Or you can buy an 811, 921 or 942 from the site sponsor or off that big auction site.

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