hdtv sat. - line of sight?

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Mar 21, 2004
I have directv for the last 4 yrs. I wanted to upgrade to hdtv programming, but when the installer came out, he said that there are trees blocking to get line of sight. My round dish works fine aimed right above some tree lines, but he said the hdtv sat. are lower in the horizon (I live in Mass.). He tried hooking up a oval dish further up the roof but no luck.
2 questions:

1. Does Dish network use the same Sat. for Hdtv, if not would it be a different line of sight.

2. Does anyone know if directv will do anything different in the future (if possible, ie new sat further north), it seems to me that directv could lose a lot of bussiness in the northeast with these issues especially when tv is going towards hdtv.
They can't position a satellite further north.
The satellites are in a stationary orbit over the equator.
Your problem is caused by the fact that the satellite (110)with HD is further to the west that the one you're viewing now(101) and appears lower in the sky. The farther east you are, the lower in the sky it will appear.
I'm in Michigan. That satellite appears at 35 degrees above the horizon.
If I've got this figured right, in Mass. it looks like 101 appears 40 degrees west of due south at an elevation of 32 degrees and 110 shows up 49 degrees west of due south and at an elevation of 27 degrees, 5 degrees lower and 9 degrees farther.
Here's a link to a web site that I think will show you this. You will need to know your latitude and longitude.
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