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Apr 12, 2005
MOJO HD is a dedicated high-definition television channel available only on cable TV in the USA.

However, the channel is currently in negotiations with satellite providers to potentially offer MOJO HD on their high definition programming lineup.

MOJO HD is owned and operated by Comcast iN Demand Holdings, Inc., Cox Communications Inc., and the Time Warner Entertainment–Advance-Newhouse partnership.

Its predissesor, iN Demand, ceased operation of INHD2, which was a companion network to INHD, on January 1, 2007, replaced by MOJO HD.

Only time will tell...
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M Sparks

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Sep 15, 2005
How is this a "heads-up"?

And iN Demand is the OWNER of Mojo, not the "predissesor".

It's supposedly uplinked right now on channel 376. (or 374, can't remember.)
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