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Nov 21, 2003
Hi everyone,
I have been a Dish customer for 2 1/2 years. I have a Dish500 system with 2 receivers. I have just purchased my first HDTV. I was aware that Dish provided some HD programing. It seems that there are a few Sats and the HD signals are spread across them. I currently have the America everything package w/all the premium movie channels. I have also received some local channels for same amount of time, with the dish500. I just learned yesterday that I can receive a free dish (complete with installation) to receive some more local channels in my area. I ordered it and Dish will arrive on Monday to install.

My questions,

1) With my current setup which Sat I am pointed to?
2) With the addition dish which Sat will that be pointing to?
3) Is there a way to check which Sats I am pointing to, through some hidden control on the receivers?
If you have a Dish500 your receiver is seeing both the 119 (core) and 110 (expanded core) satellite locations. The channel you are tuned to at any given time determines which satellite is being received. If you are getting your free second dish for local channels that one will be pointed to the 61.5 degree orbital location since you are on the east coast. The 148 degree location is for locals on the west coast, as well as duplication of international and HD channels also available at 61.5. If you are going to upgrade to HDTV the majority of that programming is currently at 61.5, with some new channels temporarily located at 110. If you are going to upgrade to an HDTV receiver, once you get your second satellite dish you won't need anything else for awhile to receive the HDTV programming. Starting sometime next year, so the story goes, they will begin adding new HDTV programming exclusively to the new 105 degree location. Current HD channels will remain where they are for a time, as well as being duplicated at 105. Eventually the current HD channels will be shut down at the 61.5 and 110 locations requiring all HDTV subscribers to have a new Superdish if they want to continue getting HD. It will probably take a year or more to complete that process so you have some time before you will need to get a Superdish. If you don't need HD channels then your current setup should be just fine for many years to come. My setup is very much like yours - two receivers and a Dish500. I have been quite happy with Dish (or E* as we call it around here - short for Echostar) since July 2000.

And welcome to! :D
You are currently looking at 110 and 119 with a Dish 500.

Current HD Channels on 110 are HDNet, HDNet Movies, and DiscoveryHD.

Right now you need a dish pointed at 61.5 or 148 to pick up HBO-HD and Showtime HD and CBS-HD. Supposedly all those will me moving to 105 which you will need a Superdish for. That will be a 1 dish solutions because a superdish will pick up 105,110 and 119.
thanks so much for the replies. I will be interested in the HD signals but I can wait till everything becomes a little more settled. I dont currently have an HD receiver, so anything I can receive now off my current setup is going to have to wait till I am ready to make the commitment into the new equipment.

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