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May 26, 2004
I am considering upgrading to the ViP 622 HD-DVR. Currently my setup consists of a Dish 500 running to a SW44 switch (I think that's the right number) and out to three model 508's. I'm wanting to replace one of the 508's with the 622. Can you tell me if I need to upgrade the dish to the 1000 since I am also getting the Dallas locals? Also what switch do I need for this. And I guess my biggest concern is, does the 622 require 2 coax runs inside the wall since it is a dual tuner box? I can't seem to find this information from the DISH website. Running another cable down inside the wall is probably my biggest problem. I live about 1.5 hours SE of Dallas. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

You will need a new dish to receive whichever sat. is carrying your HD locals and in your case I do believe it's on the 129 sat. so the D1000 would probably be specified. Alternately another smaller dish (D300 or D500) with a dual LNB like the Dish Pro Dual could be used and pointed to 129. (In a lot of cases the 2-dish solution provides better overall signal strength.)

You could use either a DP34 switch for 3 sat. slots and 4 outputs (2 to the 622) or the DPP44 switch that would allow a single cable to the 622 feeding both sat. inputs with the "separator" that comes with the 622. Sounds like you want this second alternative. Is the switch you actually have a DPP44? (DPP = Dish Pro Plus.)

Don't forget that the 622 has a rather decent digital (only) OTA tuner in it. You might be a bit far from Dallas to receive any of their stations, but it's certainly worth investigating. Do you have anything closer, especially in HD? Plug your address or zip code into to see what's available to you and what it might take. Having OTA HD channels is always a great option for several reasons!

Welcome, BTW...!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that since the 622 can feed two independent TVs (that can be independently controlled), you might be able to dump one of your remaining 508s leaving just a 622 and a single 508. That could simplify the installation in that the LNB for 110/119 sats on the D500 or D1000 could be replaced with a DPP Twin, and that unit has the switch built into it to receive up to 3 sats. and feed 2 downleads. Again the single coax to the 622 would feed both sat. inputs...
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Thanks so much for your reply. This helped tremendously!! As far as the switch, it is an older "legacy" SW44 with feeds from 110 and 119 that then feed to the 508's. As you said, the DPP44 is what I am looking for, since I really did not want to have to feed another coax down the wall... the older I get, the harder this is to do! I do get OTA digital signals from Dallas on most channels but at times, depending on the weather, I can't seem to get them consistently. I was shocked when I bought my HD set that I got them at all, being 75-85 miles from their transmitters. Thanks again for your help. I knew I would get a good answer from this site!

de nada!

BTW - in my first reply I forgot to mention that you will also need that D1000 or second dish for 129 to receive most of E*'s HD content in addition to your HD LiLs.

High Def OTA from 75-85 mi. is great! You "flatlanders" have all the advantages! (Well, you can keep the tornados!) Others like ralfyguy have reported similar results. In my case I'm having problems with stations just 25 mi. away even with a CM4228/CM7777 mounted about 35' high.

You can buy the DPP44 retail for about $180 or possibly a good bit less from an on-line auction. There is also a DPP33 on the way that would do the trick for you, presumably at lower cost. I don't know when that one will be available, tho'.

Have a good one. It's "Miller Time" here...!
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