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Nov 27, 2004
Looking for some advice / sanity checking on what I'm considering by way of MPEG-4 upgrading.

I currently own 3 Dish receivers (811 - active, 510 - active, 501 - inactive) and lease a 942. I just upgraded the TV that the 510 is hooked up to an HDTV, so I have no need for SD boxes anymore.

So - I'm looking at a requirement for 3 MPEG-4 HD receivers. Of those 3, I'd like at least 2 to be 622s. I have a Dish 500 now; live in NE Maryland, so apparently, getting a Dish 1000 is not an option; assume I'll need a 2nd dish installed that is pointed at 61.5 for the new HD package (no need for locals, I get them OTA). I also have DP44 switch.

Here's what I'm considering:
1. Buy one 622
2. On 1 April, call Dish to initiate the existing customer upgrade / rebate for my 942 (to another 622) and 811 (to 211) and the free 61.5 dish install
3. Set up the install so that the 2nd Dish, both 622s and the 211 are all squared away at the same time.

Here's the questions I currently have:
1. Since I own (vs. lease) the 811, would I be required to send it back to Dish in exchange for the 211, or could I return the 501 or 510 instead and keep the 811 (for resale or something)?
2. I only have single cable drops going to each TV room; for my current 942, the installer put in a DP44 "power inserter". Is it safe to assume that when they show up for the 622 install that I can get a 2nd power inserter - for no additional charge - for the 2nd 622?
3. Is it also safe to assume that I won't be charged for the installation of the 2nd 622 (read: will it just be done as part of the 811/942 & 61.5 dish upgrade)?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Sep 5, 2005
Norris, TN
I can answer some of that.

I don't think you'll be eligible to get both a 211 and a 622. I think you'll be required to buy the 211 and 1 of the 622s. You are not required to send back the 811, but I think you get some money back if you do (not much).

The singel cable to each room is fine. You only need 1 power inserter (it is to power the switch not the box).

If you just buy the second 622 there really won't be any installtion required. All you'll do is plug it in.

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