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It is poorly worded and too broad....[/QUOTE

Thank You. Now, I will make a prediction. The Bill will pass but not as it's written today. They will come back with a much smaller bill that will still go after Internet Piracy. The President will sign it saying that he ordered many of the things people didn't like about it removed. It will be reworded in a way that will still give the power that Hollywood wanted . I almost think the first bill was thrown out like a trial balloon. They will come back with a new bill that appears to have no teeth but will in fact have what the Studios wanted. It's not going to go away.
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More than one idiot congress person has admitted "I didn't know that was in there" in regards to MANY laws that have gotten passed.
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The new "blacked out" look is superior to the old "normal" look!

I feel saddened when I visit satguys :(

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