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Apr 20, 2004
Hi y'all :). I've been enjoying Voom for about a month now from switching from Dish after 5 years. I went with Voom to avoid all the upfront HD equipment costs and the only thing I am really missing is my distant local feeds East/West.

I haven't found any clues of when DTV/Dish will finally carry the FULL east/west packages (only CBS_HD right now), but when they do I will want them badly. I like having the different time zones for my programming without the need of recording, and having 3 time zones (including my local) makes football season awesome without the heavy expense of sunday ticket.

My question it possible to split the voom dish into a dixplexer(switch) of some sort to feed into another receiver to pull in sat feeds of distant locals from Dish/DTV? I wouldn't think it would be difficult since I have (2) SW-21 switches from my previous Dish service. The only problem is I have a diplexer already outside of the house for OTA and using another inside the house to feed into my Voom receiver and TV for digital locals? Using Voom's OTA module reduces my sat signal by 9 points and using my HDTV tuner built into my TV is awesome. Is a 3-way including UHF/VHF available to do this sort of thing?

Dish's distant HD local CBS is on 61.5 satellite. Or would it be easier for DTV in the future since they are on another satellite and I have the older Dish satellite at 119 already mounted and not in-use?

I was using a bogus address in Colorado to qualify for the distant feeds and it still qualifies for DTV as well since it's in the boondocks :)

Thanks for any input...



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Dec 16, 2003
heh heh....I want to do the same...except the bogus address is actually where i live.....LOL.

I would like to use the VOOM dish (pointed at 61.5 right?) to also pick up the E* 61.5 feed...then I can cancel all my E* stuff other than basic and HD and locals and distant locals......and get Voomed.....

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