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Sep 30, 2003
Bergen co NJ
ok i have another interesting one--Since VOOM is probably on your biggest,baddest set.And you do have others for different viewing-Do you find yourself surfing and watching the Best show on at the time(say a movie on-MMAX ot WEST in SD or surfing and watching the maybe lesser show but the Best you can find on ANY HD Channel ,cinema 10,Discovery HD HBOHD yes even gallery :) or a mixture 50-50

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Feb 14, 2004
I guess I do both at times.
I do watch programs just because they are in HD even if it's about some old woman in some remote country carrying water or something.

After all, it is in HD and I am an HD Junkie ;)


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Mar 4, 2004
Miramar, FL
Yeah...I find myself most of the time just scrolling the HD channels looking for something to watch just because it's what a way to spoil a man!!!


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Mar 20, 2004
Lacombe La
I find myself searching through the HD channels looking for something to watch.... then switching to Dish Network to watch the programs I recorded on my PVR or watching a rental DVD.

That being said.... I am hopeful that all will be resolved with the introduction of the VOOM HD DVR and I can enjoy Voom by recording HD content and watching at my leisure.

BTW, My local fox DT station just came online. The OTA "Fox widescreen" broadcast of "24" last night was pretty good. They also braodcast SD with Grey bars instead of Black... Which is a good thing IMO.


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I also find myself sitting in front of my HD Big Screen just watching a boring program or occasionally a good movie On a High DeF channel. I just am hooked on the picture quality of high def channels and the 16:9 format also, so i prefer to watch something boring on a HD channel compared to something on a SD channel.

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