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Sep 27, 2003
I am totally confused by the discussion of the Superdish. I did a search and read the past posts and am still confused. My current setup used a 500 dish to receive the 110 and 119 satellites and the smaller 18" dish for the 61.5 satellite. I have two cable runs -- one from a switch that combines the 500 dish and the small 18" 61.5 dish to goes to a 6000 HD tuner and a second cable run from the 500 dish that goes to an older 2800 receiver that is connected to a stand-alone TIVO unit.

(1) Will the Superdish be a third (!!) dish? Or will it replace the 500 dish or the smaller 18" 61.5 dish?

(2) Will the Superdish be aimed in roughly the same direction as the 500 dish? (important in my case due to trees)

(3) Once the Superdish is available, will the HBO and Showtime HD channels be immediately available on the new satellite?

(4) Will the Superdish be able to run two receivers as the 500 dish now can?

(5) In order to combine two dishes to one or two receivers -- I assume the SW21 won't work with the Superdish and the DP34 must be used with the Dishpro adapter with either the 6000 or the 2800?

(6) I already get the top DISH package along with the HD package. So the Superdish would be free?
1. The Superdish will replace both the dish 500 and the 61.5 dish (unless needed for your locals)
2. Yes it be aimed the same general direction as you dish 500.

3. Yes Showtime HD & HBO HD will be there.

4. Yes, the superdish should be able to do up to 12 receivers.

5. That's correct the superdish will use the DP34 and need the adapter for the model 6000 (and 2800 if the 2800 can be hooked to a superdish)
6. Yes, from what was said during the charlie chat that should qualify for a free superdish.

Two more questions about the Superdish:

(1) I assume the Superdish with its new LNBs can connect OK to older receivers like the 6000 and the 2800?

(2) I also use the 18" dish and 61.5 to get one local station. If I wanted to connect that and the Superdish to the 2800 -- how could I do it? The DP21 is only for Dishpro LNBs whereas the SW21 is only for Legacy LNBs. Which switch would work for the Superdish and an 18" dish with older LNBs?

Do I need to replace both the legacy LNB on the 18' dish and the 2800 (or buy an Dishpro adapter for it)?

In a different posting someone mentioned the DP+44 switch? Does it allow you mix the new Dishpro LNB and a legacy LNB? Then I only have to replace the 2800?

This gets more expensive as we proceed down the path. . .
It is not really the superdish that is the issue, it is the switch. The current DishPro34 switch supports 3 satellites and legacy receivers talking to it need an adapter.

The new DishProPlus44 switch supports 4 satellites and knows how to talk to old receivers so they do not need an adapter. Plus the DPP44 switch also has the ability to send 2 different satellites down the same wire so receivers like the 721/921/522 etc that need two feeds can use one cable (they need a special splitter at the box to split the single cable to both inputs).

921 date!

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