Another SatelliteGuys.US First Look! DishDVR 522 Spec Sheet

I'm looking forward to the 522 Scott. At 11 and 8 yrs. of age my boys ae starting to disagree on what they want to watch, and they both love the DVR. Right now they share a 501.
Help me out here, I can't download. How big is the hard drive? How many hrs can it record? Anything else interesting? Does it have the 721 guide or the 50x??
Thanks in advance.
I would not expect it to be more than the 721, but the same or less.

I am surprised that they are not going to have that much of a bigger hard drive in the 522 than in the 510 seeing that the 522 has two tuners with two tv outs in which the hard drive has to be shared between two users.
Randy_B said:
I want one, but with the DVOD fee, I won't be getting one. :(
Certainly you can be more original than this! The box can support two independent TVs and can, therefore, replace an additional receiver. If you sub to AEP, you net a discount of the mirror fee and save $5.00. Are you expecting sympathy because you can't afford the DVOD fee?
The hard drive ought to be as large as the 510 dvr at least. I'm kind of disappointed that it will only be 80 hours, but I will still want one so I can eliminate at least one receiver fee off my bill. A two tuner sat box is the way to go, with the ability to go to two different tvs at the same time a big perk. :D
I think the UHF Stereo output is awesome. This really adds to your ability to be creative when it comes to wiring.

Currently I have Dish and Cable with 6 TVs. I have 2 508s 2 1000s and a SA Tivo. One 508 is in the living room connected to a home theater w/Dobly Digital. The RF output goes upstairs to a A/B/C box in my bedroom. In the bedroom, Tivo records off of cable and goes out to (A),(B) is for the 508 downstairs and (C) is for the 1000 I have in my bedroom. The output of this goes into a UHF modulator down to the garage. In the garage, I have my second 508 and a 1000 with a pyramid to receive IR signals from the kitchen. Both the 508 and the 1000 are also connected to a UHF modulator. The end result, cable TV on all 6 in the house. Channel 89 is the garage 508, Channel 117 is either Tivo, the LR 508 or the 1000 in my bedroom, and Channel 125 is the second 1000 in my garage. It's a bizarre way to be able to record one thing on the PVR while watching something different on the dish, but it allows the kids to watch what they want while I can watch the baseball games I want while also recording whatever my wife wants, while letting the smallest in the house watch Barney and Sesame Street. The PQ, by the way, is excellent.
I thought bob haller said this machine had a 120 gig hard drive?? What is this talk about 80 hrs? Which is it? thanks
DBStalk has a dvr comparison chart posted that says 90 hrs. My 721 adds up rite now to 88 hrs. When it is empty it says 90 hrs. I know this for a fact. I just got a replacement a short while ago. I also remember being puzzled by the 90hrs when i bought it cuz i thought it would have over 100. I'm very sure of this.
I think my 721 also said 90 hours when empty. Its kind of a disapointment in that the 522 is not going to have a bigger hard drive than that but in a way I dont want a real bulky two tuner two tv out solution, something that can be compared to the size of the 921.

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