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Feb 1, 2010
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Hi guys... first post. Hoping for some expert advice.
I have a standard vip622 dvr - 2 tv setup installed by local DN guys. That was fine until I got a nice hd tv for the bedroom (tv2). Obviously the signal to that is still sd.
I have 2 questions related to this.
1. What would it take (including additional costs fro DN) to get hd on tv2, and still be able to share the dvr from the 622?
2. If I chose to just have the locals in hd on tv2, my new tv only has one standard coaxial input (as I guess is true with most tvs). At this point, I actually have to unhook the feed from the 622, and change to off-air antenna. Is there a way to share that one coaxial input with some kind of adapter? I already have the input from the 622 set on antenna, channel 22? When I wanted to go from satellite programming to local programming, it would be nice if could simply change the remote to TV, and change to the local channel, then when I wanted to go back to satellite programming, change to channel 22, then reactivate the SAT button on the remote and go.

Gosh I hope this makes sense... I used to be good at this stuff, but due to brain leakage, I have become am a certified moron.
Thanks so much! Mitchell


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Dec 12, 2003
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Call DISH and see what you are elligible for for upgrades. The 211 or 211K are single tuner HDTV receivers that would allow the bedroom TV to get the DISH channels in HD.

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Jan 13, 2005
1. IF you can get a long HDMI cable to the 2nd HDTV you can connect the TV near the 622 via component and enjoy HD on both sets. This will be a mirrored signal--same channel at same. Note that you'll also need to use the red/white audio or the optical audio outs for sound for the 1st TV. If you need to buy cables get 'em from . I have HD on 4 HDTVs this way from a 622 and a 722.

2. You can run both your OTA antenna and Dish TV2 signal over one coax to the 2nd TV. You use 2 ordinary splitters, one in reverse. At the 622--connect the coax now running to TV2 to the IN of the splitter and on one of the OUTs connect a short coax from the TV2 out. The other OUT of splitter is hooked up to your OTA antenna which you have split with another splitter, one side to the receivers' ANT input the other, with a 2nd short coax to the splitter. You can then use your 2nd TVs' tuner to select 22 for Dish programming (in glorious SD, of course) or anyother OTA channel directly (and in HD, if it's being broadcast).

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Aug 19, 2005
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Run a new cable from attic to mstrbr and connect to a diplexer.
On the sat side connect a short cable from there to the sat in port on 211.
On the UHF/VHF port on diplexer connect a cable from there to the OTA antenna input on the receiver.

Now go into attic and connect a dipelxer between the dish and receiver.
Then from sat port on that dipelxer run a cable to the dish.
Lastly connect tv2 cable from 622 to the cable in on you tv.
Now connect a HDMI cable from receiver to HDMI input on your tv. DONE!
Just change your TV input from HDMI to the Antenna to watch programming from 622.
To watch OTA Press the TV/Video button on the dish remote.

I do not know if I explained this clearly (I am really not good at it) but hopefully Someone else on here can explain this better. Good luck.

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