Help with getting 32.0 working with Hopper

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    I just had a Hopper installed yesterday and am trying to get all of my 32.0 from my old 722K working with my new Hopper. I have the Hopper picture sent to multiple rooms in my house and have a remote in each room.

    I tried to get them to work by pressing the system info button and then pressing the "Sat" button on the remote. No pairing.


    - Does the 32.0 show as a paired remote on the Sys Info screen?
    - Does it matter that the 32.0s were programmed on channel B and remote code 2 on the 722K?

    I need help to get this working. Does anyone have any info or advice on how to get the 32.0 remotes paired?

    Also, does the 40.0 remote have the "Auto-Tune" feature that the 32.0s have? I was using it as a two command macro to turn on the audio system in the room the remote was in.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Your 722 used 21.0 remote not 32.0 remotes and cannot be paired with the Hopper or Joey. You could switch the remote to IR mode and use it in the room with the Hopper.
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    Yep. 722K had a 20.0 Remote (IR only) for TV1 and a 21.0 (IR/UHF Pro) for TV2. Either one will work with Hopper/Joey however they will only work in IR mode. You need to go on each Hopper and Joey and enable IR (Settings/YELLOW button, Remote Manager, IR, Enable.) You also need to set each 21.0/20.0 to remote address 1 (Hold SAT until lights light up, press 1 then press #.) Also need to set the 21.0's to IR mode (remove battery cover, set switch to IR.) Hopper/Joey won't work on any other IR remote address (currently, maybe that will change in the future.) 21.0/20.0 remotes also will not show up as "paired" in any of the menus.

    Also keep in mind that only the 40.0 remote can backup/restore settings to/from Hopper/Joey.
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